Want to know more about your reincarnation and karma?

Hi! My name is Kristine Lange and
I can access your Akashic Records, read both your past and present incarnations and learn where you picked up your Karma. But your Soul Story is so much more than that.... I can tell you of the Divine Characteristics of your Soul, who you truly are at Soul level, what your Divine Personality is and what your Divine Gifts are.


Your Soul has its own story, built over many lifetimes through reincarnation. I can also tell you, how your actions over these lifetimes have shaped your Karma. This offers you the most empowering explanation for your current circumstances.

New opportunity

It's so much more than knowing about Reincarnation. Knowing your own Soul's story offers you validation of your experiences and relief from those same experiences. Together, we clear the negative influences. This opens a door for you to make new choices. New actions, even the smallest ones, change your Karmic path.

more than flesh and bones, thoughts and feelings...

Some people believe we are human beings here on Earth to have a human experience.
Some people believe we are human beings here on Earth to have a spiritual experience.
In fact, both are wrong.
We are spiritual beings here on Earth to have a human experience.
And we have done this again and again….. through Reincarnation.
Your human experiences are recorded in the Akashic Records.
The Akashic Records is like a huge energetic library that stores all information about all choices that were ever made.
Each Soul has its own Akashic Record which contains all the information about that Soul, all the way back to when it was created from Divine Source…..

Your soul has its own divine personality and gifts...

When our Soul was created, it was created with a Divine Personality and with Divine Gifts. Through many lifetimes we’ve made many choices against our Divine nature and we’ve “forgotten” who we really are.
Those choices (actions/things you did) show up as negative consequences in our human experiences, both in the past and in present lifetimes. Karma.
The Akashic Records not only remind us of who we are at Soul level, but it also shows us what negative choices we’ve made and how those choices impact us…..
Why, despite all our intentions, we keep reliving those same consequences. We mutter about destiny, joke about karma, and all the while hating our current circumstances that we can’t seem to escape.

but it doesn't need to be that way...

I can read your Akashic Records, tell you of those negative choices and finally, I set the intention in the Records to clear them.
I also give my clients optional homework so they can seat the new energy into their conscious and subconscious realities. It's still up to you though, to make the new choices that will change your Karmic path but I help you see what those new choices would look like. If you’re ready to change your circumstances, together we can significantly shift your experiences into abundance and fulfillment.


I've heard that sentiment many times before a reading! Or that one is nervous or apprehensive. However, the truth is that we've all been through the same experiences! Given enough lifetimes, we've all done it all. You are not alone! In fact, what I do see the most is relief! Profound, unmitigated, relief. Some people cry because I'm the first person who has truly understood them. Some laughed because I validated their experiences. Some smiled because I could tell them who they truly are and they felt safe for the first time in their lives. Knowledge is valuable. You are valuable. You deserve to know who you are at Soul level, how you got your circumstances, and how you can change the ones you no longer want.


I'm honoured that you'd entrust me to read your Akashic Records for you. I take my responsibility to you, the Akashic Records and my Record Guides very seriously. I believe that if I ever showed a lack of integrity, my access to the Records would be either blocked or scrambled into pointless confusion! I NEVER share your Soul Story with anyone. I generally wait about 48 hours for you to submit your follow-up questions, but after that, I destroy all notes or recordings I have. (I'll talk about that when you book your session.)
We Have a Soul Realignment Practitioner Code of Ethics That We Adhere To:
Respect The Client
Act in the Highest Good of All
Be Honest With Everyone
Do No Harm
Act In Integrity
Avoid Conflicts of Interest
Respect Privacy, Confidentiality and Anonymity
Do Not Interfere With Free Will
Do Not Infringe on Copyright.


Properties have histories as well. Some owners will have a Property Reading and clearing if they sense any discord. Other individuals want their home to be vibrationally "upgraded" after their own Akashic Record Reading and clearing work is done, especially if portals or attaching souls, for example, were found in their Record. And yet others, like owners, Realtors or Property Managers want a Reading and clearing done if they're having trouble selling, renting or leasing despite curb appeal and staging. Consent for a Property Reading is given by someone who owns, rents or leases that property.


Email me at
if you have any questions.
1. Read the Disclaimer below.
2. Email me at with your request.
3. You can email me an etransfer or I can send a PayPal request for your session fee.
4. Once payment is received, I'll book a date and time with you. Ensure at least 1 hour of uninterrupted time for your Reading.
5. Readings can be done in person for locals, by phone or Skype. Please indicate your preference.
6. DO NOT TAKE NOTES DURING YOUR READING. You will get much more from this if you are Present.
7. Readings are recorded and you will receive your recording after the Reading.
8. Some clients like a trusted friend/partner/family member to listen in with them. This is perfectly fine but keep it to one individual.
9. Along with your recording, I will send you your homework. The latter is optional for you to do but I send it to you nonetheless. Some clients like to seat the Akashic Record clearing within their conscious and subconscious realities.
10. Please forward your follow-up questions to me within 48 hours of your Reading. After that, I destroy all notes/recordings and my memory is
f a d i n g ....
1. By requesting an Akashic Record reading, you have declared that you are at least 18 years of age and have not been declared incompetent.
2. Contact me if you’d like a reading for a dependent. I do not do a reading for an unborn child or infant less than 3 months old.
3. You understand your Akashic Record reading is not and cannot be used as a substitute for any type of medical, health, psychological, psychiatric, or professional counseling, therapy or treatment.
4. It may take up to 48 hours for an email response and 7 days to receive (depending on mutual availability) your Akashic Record reading.
5. You understand that Akashic Record and Property Readings must be prepaid and once Readings are completed are non-refundable.
6. You understand that cancellation (without rebooking) of a Reading within 72 hours of a scheduled appointment is non-refundable.
7. You understand that after the 3rd cancellation for a scheduled/rescheduled appointment, your account will be considered inactive and payment is non-refundable.

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